Nous avons décidé de coucher encore quelques mots en ce jour d’amour. La saint valentin.

Combien joyeux sommes-nous, humains amoureux, en ce 14 Février ? Des milliards. Une journée pour se rapprocher de sa compagne. Et pourtant, beaucoup méconnaissent leur vraie épouse et s’en éloignent.

Épouse idéale.

Comme une épouse nécessitant beaucoup d’attentions de son mari, la terre a besoin d’assez d’affections de ses habitants. Des habitants qui éviteraient de la salir tout le temps, des époux qui cesseront de voler leur femme. Voler, oui, c’est ce que nous faisons quand nous extrayons excessivement de la terre, les ressources minières. La planète terre, c’est femme responsable qui remplit son devoir conjugal en satisfaisant pleinement son époux. Qui nierait l’accomplissement de son devoir ? Qui dira avoir semé une graine, qui ne crut pas, parce que la terre lui aurait bloqué la croissance ? Elle remplit toujours son devoir qui est de vous satisfaire productivement.

Aucun homme n’a connu son infidélité…aucun habitant n’a été trahit par l’épouse terre. Elle vous respecte. Elle est soumise à la volonté du terrien son époux. Aucun terrien ne dira qu’il a craché et que la terre lui a retourné son crachat, ou qu’il a uriné et la terre lui a retourné son urine. Elle accepte tout.

La terre c’est cette femme qui entreprend. Donnez-lui une graine et elle vous en sortira des centaines. Beaucoup désirent des femmes expérimentées. Qu’est-ce qu’elle n’a pas bien vécue cette dame ? Elle a connue aussi bien le prophète Mohammed que Jésus de Nazareth ; aussi bien le décès d’Hitler, que la naissance d’Einstein. Elle a ressenti de la douleur pour les bébés siamois décédés, les bébés somaliens dévorés par des vautours. Elle a pourtant encaissé et met son expérience à la disposition de son époux, le terrien(les références historiques ont toujours été faites par les situations géographiques).


Un époux méchant…vous et moi.

Que vilains nous sommes, cruels, fornicateurs. Comment remercions-nous la femme dont les vertus ont été citées haut ? Nous abusons juste de ses valeurs. Des usines d’extraction coiffent la terre. Nous lui demandons toujours plus ; toujours plus de pétrole, de phosphate, de coltan. Si au moins nous en faisions bon usage, reproches ne seraient pas. Nous utilisons c’est ressources pour nous détruire. Combien n’ont pas péri dans des mines de coltan. Où l’homme pense-t-il aller avec tant d’infra ambitions. A la perdition évidemment.

Une triste journée

Si la terre est sans mot, c’est parce qu’elle a compris que dans l’esprit de son époux (habitants de la terre), elle n’a plus sa place, elle est tombée dans l’oubli. Elle est malheureusement en cette saint valentin, sans valentin.

Nous fêtons aujourd’hui l’amour sans nous rappeler la femme qui jamais nous a tourné le dos, toujours prête à nous pardonner.

Beaucoup célébrerons l’amour aujourd’hui. Croyant se rapprocher de leurs compagnes, ils s’en éloignent plutôt, parce que pour aller voir leurs compagnes par exemple, ils feront usage des véhicules qui dégageront de la fumée, un gaz qui détruit la terre, leur authentique épouse. Une bonne quantité de pétrole a été vampirisée de la terre pour la fabrication des fleurs d’amour afin de rapprocher les amoureux. Que ignorant nous sommes.

Nous croyons tout de même que la prise de conscience ne tardera pas, et nous sommes prêts à toujours écrire pour que cela advienne. Parce que c’est encore possible !



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    1. Sheri, I made these tonight. So easy and delicious! I used Feta (is that goat cheese?) It worked very well. I paired it with tomato basil pasta and salad. I love the simple intderiengs. The spinach was so tasty with the cheese. Scott and Lauren were happy too. I think I’ll make spinach more often with garlic and a sprinkling of feta. Thanks! Keep ‘em coming! Tammy

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    4. 1a2- I was in absolute HEAVEN wahitcng this slide show. You are truly amazing. Mexico is so special to me, has been for 20 years. The CENOTES are unbelievably moody and you really captured that. I love the sun light coming thru I’m a big fan of back lighting. Anyway, thank you for giving me a very nice visual break to my very busy day of editing. leslie

    5. in a moment of despair “UUs think that because what they want is good, that they themselves are good”. By coincidence I just read an article in Christian Century about the debilitating effects of excessive pride and the necessity to cultivate humility, an old problem and one with which I am well acquainted – in more honest moments I recognize in myself the since of Pharasaism – “thank God I am not as other men [sic]” This is an inspired and gracious blog you have written.

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  1. j’aime bien la métaphore. Et le contenu, plutôt cool.
    Je crois que si on change tous notre comportement envers la terre,le 14février prochain,elle aura également des milliards de valentins.
    Merci pour l’article

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    6. Hi Brye, Strip twist is very very effective. Love it. I wanted to tell you that you recording in the car on the last podcast was great. Worked out really well and I hope you will do it again – safely of course. I listen to a lot of my podcasts in the car, I’m in it for work a lot of the day, or when I’m quilting. Helps me to focus and get motivated. I want to see more photos. Thanks Brye. Love Vanessa (Aust)

    7. Barbara, thank you for your rational and reasonable explanation. I don't think the person who advised me to "do some quality research into the subject [vaccines]" after which my "opinions would have no choice but to be changed" is open to such good sense. Wonder what s/he thinks constitutes "quality research", reading perhaps?

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    12. Thumbs up! Very good post.My opinion is that we should consider the mentality of Venezuelans was far and still is far more inmature, than the Egyptian People.There ppl really took it seriously, we didn’t saw them, doing endless lines for gas, playing dominoes, and partying all over the strike. Half-closing “santa marias”, or dining at Plaza Altamira the 31st.So, without ignoring the differences of each situation, I think that (Strength of heart, conviction, endurence and maturity), are reasons why they succeded and we failed.

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    21. I can just see the trannies now:In their Easter bonnets,With all the frills upon it,They’ll be the Grandest LadiesIn the Easter Parade!;-)I've done that go in&out thang (get your minds out of the gutter, you lot! ;-X) at an EO Easter service before. It really is a different way of approaching worship: more like catching a long baseball game (going to get a hotdog & beer during a lull!)But at the same time, nobody does "reverent mystery” like the EOs….Happy Bright Week, EOs: Indeed, He has Risen!

    22. Suzy, they are just terrific! And totally inspiring. I’ll look at household items much differently from now on. Years ago one of my favorite things to do was to decorate and empty paint can (you can buy them brand new at hardware stores). You can wrap them in pretty papers or corrugated cardboard and they look so cute. I thought it would be fun to go back to that idea and put a handful of your mousetraps in them to make a fun gift. You can use the smaller cans a pencil holders and such. Thanks again! Kim

    23. Stuart, what are Chokos? You might have to do some translating here for those of us who garden outside of Oz.This is a tough one… I can’t think of anything that I wouldn’t grow if given enough space in the veggie garden. (Even corn, which I will never grow here because I refuse to devote the space it needs to produce well.) I’ll have to come back to this one.

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    33. Looks like the typical Dutch plan to me, usually the buyers have freedom to change the standard lay-outs. The small kitchen and bathrooms are typical, we are used to it. What is special about this project is the open facade, I would love to get one of these apartments, but can’t afford it. Last time I saw such a facade was in Tel Aviv where they turn the living room in an outside space by opening and folding away the windows. Seriously ‘lekker’ when the weather is good…

    34. O, I thought the way it was done was to pick some music with a beat, animate everything that can possibly move in time to that, skip animatics and pencil tests, shoot final animation and then record some mumbled dialogue without worrying too much about whether the characters happen to be moving their lips or not.Seriously, .

    35. Best wishes in your rehab/recovery. My son was recently tripped by a track teammate and caught himself in the same manner. His hamstring strain effectively ended his season. When I told him it could have been worse, I did not have this in mind.

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    49. MattTwo relevant papers wereFarman, JC et al 1985. Nature 315Stolarski, RS et al 1986. Nature 322Joshua is right, there was a lot of industry resistance and science was used to oppose regulations for a long time. The Clean Air Act in the US (1977) controlled CFC in aerosol spray cans without empirical evidence (no measurements of decreased ozone, no increase in UV-B or skin cancer, etc). Industry thought this was setting a bad example. At the same time this was a tiny economic problem compared to climate.Somehow the link to my book got mixed up, it should be

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    51. Dear Mr. Stillman, Assigning great existential subjects to your characters, then finding that the game is up with one of them due to the exposure of his ‘past perfect’ vocabulary simply makes my heart strings wobble. . . sigh . . . I didn’t think it possible that the magnificent great values of the English language could still motivate a film-maker to include them in a script in the 21st century; along with Chris Eigeman in the scene, it is almost too much to bear . . . will you marry me? ;-D

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    5. For a longtime Yahoo! user, Eric, your analysis is right on. If I were an employee, I wouldn’t like Terry Semel to go alone…the team he brought in should be shown the door as well. I am sure you wouldn’t have recommended Ms. Decker for CEO if, let’s say, she was on the other side of 60…like Mr. Semel. Even if she did better than what she has. She’s no Meg Whitman.I have no idea what Jerry and David are waiting for.

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    7. This is all totally unnecessary. It is nothing but encroaching on civil liberties to see how much they can get away with. People need to wake up saying “No More!” American Citizens are not the enemy. Isral who is in greater danager doesn’t do this to its citizenry. They profile, and rightly so. They also use bomb-sniffing dogs. Why can the same happen here?? We need to start profiling which narrows down the field and the expense combined with bomb-sniffing dogs. That’s all that is needed.Get Real and wake up and tell the feds “no more!”

    8. I love it! What a blessing it is for you to come to terms with what your passion is! Some times, it's so hard to pinpoint and just because you do something well doesn't necessarily make it your "passion." If nothing else, I've learned that recently.Keep writing my dear friend! I love reading it all.

    9. हरसिंगार , चाँद , चाँदनीमैं और तुम …रात महकती रही. बेहद खूबसूरत.

    10. I am definitely a grumpy old woman, and since most of the books I check out to children are ones that I directly recommend to children (ages 12-15), if there is a lot of violence, any graphic sex, or language that would get them in trouble in school, I don’t buy that book. I don’t have time to argue with parents. So what is the author’s purpose in writing this? That’s what I always wonder.

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    12. Thank you for sharing another Middle Eastern recipe that includes eggplants! I will definitely going to try this tomorrow. I hope I can find pomegranate molasses though! I am always making fresh salads during this season and this is just perfect.

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