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  1. OK. They are being well paid by the standards you and I go by, but what would the equivalent salary be for an equivalent medical clinic, say cataract operations, arthroscopy or the dreadful conpHoscooy.lard to find any figures but the ones you mention don’t seem too extraordinary for the job.

  2. I agree with you — I know using “they” for a singular noun is grammatically incorrect, but lots of times it just sounds sooo much better! And it avoids the wordiness of saying “Has anyone lost his or her keys?” or the awkward gender bias of using one gender or the other for the pronoun.

  3. سيدي الكريم. لا يوجد اي اختزال او استبعاد. على الاقل من طرفي. راجع جميع اطروحاتي التاريخية والجهود التوثيقية. شكرا لك.

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  5. What a lovely pen! I like the idea of a flex nib because I like for my writing to look like I’m using a special pen. I love vintage pens myself because you really get the sense of the history of the pen while you use it, and you know you’re a part of the cycle of communication and love that it represents. You’ve got fantastic handwriting. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. The word "negro" means black. It is not what has come to be known as the "n" word. The term African American is an utter misnomer in many instances. The Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court is a light haired, blue eyed native of South Africa. Is anyone calling her an African American, which she obviously is? Skin color is not the only determinant of heritage.

  7. Executive CompensationAmerican CEOs earned 411 times as much as average workers in 2005, up from 107 times in 1990. (United for a Fair Economy, Executive Excess 2006, based on Business Week and the Wall Street Journal).It would take a whole year for the average worker to make what their boss makes in one day.

  8. I am with you. I have a hard time believing you could go nine months and not have any ideal you're pregnant or something is wrong. When I got pregnant, I had no morning sickness. Even without the tell tale signs I could tell that something was off with my body. I actually found out I was pregnant before I missed my period. I do understand that some people who are overweight don't have much weight gain during pregnancy but heck there has got to be some kind of sign.

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  10. Alex — critical typo error in your post: But the elephant in the room, the story that no one is really talking about and that is there to be talked about and ought to be, publicly, is, it is a good idea for the United States to have a strategic ally that is recruiting terrorist groups to conduct terrorism?should be IS IT . . .

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  16. Have you tried taking ibuprofen? As for the cold vs allergies, I still say allergies since you’re talking about itchy which is a main symptom of that (of which I am suffering this very moment in my -ears-). Ibuprofen can help with any inflammation going on in your sinuses which is usually what causes that stuffy feeling. And if you’re brave enough you can try a neti pot type rinse. (I say brave enough because it always makes me feel like I’m about to drown lol)

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  19. Why does every one think its the Moroccans who killed them! Maybe some kind of kitten disease is making the rounds of the medina, like Feline Infectious Peritonitis or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or even Feline Leukemia Virus. I mean seriously, how many of these cats look healthy to you guys?

  20. Eu gosto do verão. Toda estação tem seus prós e contras. Prefiro esse sol do que chuva, pés encharcados, guarda-chuvas esbarrando nas pessoas, ou aquele frio que dá preguiça de sair da cama. Frio só é bom pra dormir. Nós que moramos perto da praia ainda podemos curtir o sol e amenizar o calor no mar no fim de semana.

  21. Definitely family – hubby’s family are all in the UK, so we make sure that we put aside a special time to skype with them, so they can watch our daughter open the presents they send her. They miss out on so much, it’s important to give them moments when you can! I’m hoping we manage to keep it up, we’ve only had one so far!

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  24. Como valenciano lo digo: el nacionalismo catalán es una PATRAÑA. Tanto victimismo y lloquiqueo que el resto de españa les roba, pero en su aventura independentista se quieren llevar a Valencia y Baleares detrás. Aún no captan que no queremos ni su catalán impuesto ni su pavoneo snob. ¿Qué serían sin el resto de España? NADA, como actualmente su cava. Cataluña cada vez se parece mas a un totalitarismo victimista.Lo dicen sus políticos populistas y ellos les siguen. Quieren la independencia del gobierno central. Normal, pues ¿qué ambiciona un político? MAS PODER.

  25. If it doesn’t work the way it has for the last 100 or so years, we just created a knowledge under-class. And to me, that is a really scary thing.Amen, brother. We are already well underway to doing this, given the decline in public education and public discourse. Libraries are one of the few genuinely democratic institutions left. Without them, we might as well admit we are living in an oligarchy masquerading as a democracy and call it a day.

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  27. Right on! I feel the same about how the Tejano Monument was railroaded onto the State Capitol recently. As if there was a “chip on the shoulder” to overcome, thus hurdling the largest (and unfitting for a 19th century structure) monument on the grounds.On top of that, they went against the State Preservation Committee recommendations and did not dig the footings to bedrock (due to COST!). What will that say when it’s sinking 30 years from now?

  28. c’è scritto anche: “mi ha dato la sua BENEDIZIONE rinnovandomi il suo incoraggiamento per un’opera di RIAVVICINAMENTO tra LE Chiese, come pure tra la Chiesa e la MASSONERIA di Tradizione»…. Ah, questa abitudine di svignarsela per la tangente di una parola e dimenticando il resto… E sempre mai un argomento, una smentita, o una denuncia per diffamazione …

  29. because if we do and say we still dont agree, like most humans with an IQ higher than a deep fried tampong youre gonna call us brainwashed or a? part of this conspiracy. There is really no point in watching this, because it’s bullshit, and there is no proof in anything of this.

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  32. Hi earthpal,Yes, history can be funny, but facts are still facts, regardless of the amount of anti-capitalist propaganda floating around. As to investing in oil, that is, of course, your choice, but if you had the chance and turned it down, kindly refrain from complaining about the price you pay at the pump.the Grit

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  37. You know, Judy, you make a good point. I think inclusion has a place, but in that place there really is a huge lack of resources. I was just investigating a school with great possibilities for my son. It’s super small, very highly recommended, etc…and the thing is, it’s $25,000 per year. Sigh.

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  39. Ana Francelina disse:Caro Paulo só podemos contar com a providência Divina, pois no inicio deste mês solicitei a ajuda do 190 por conta de um marginal que estava no quintal da minha residência e não apareceu ninguém, depois que tornei publico o que ocorreu comigo através do blog da amiga Alcilene, ai ligaram disseram ia verificar a minha denuncia, mas ficou por isso mesmo, até hoje (22/11), nenhum retorno, registrei um BO na 6ª DP, mas foi mesmo que nada, estamos sem segurança, totalmente desprotegidos confiando somente em Deus, boa sorte.

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  42. Anonymous: Why's everyone so obsessed with Alaric cheating/tiring of me in that one month?? ):Anonymous: Yep turnitin is free and damn accurate! Unis use it to check for plagiarism, like we have to submit a printed report by turnitin stated how much (percentage) of our report could they match up to Internet sources/database. Usually I think less than 20% is fine? Can't remember. NUS and SMU use it.

  43. Darren’s sixth tip on updating frequently. That has been challenging this year for me. I find that i simply lack the brainpower to post when work’s too much. Such a shame. Perhaps when i retire from the workforce in years to come i’ll reach my blogging zenith! I’m an ‘a’.

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  46. Les fautes ont été corrigées (libera et jeter). Il faut vivre sur une curieuse planète pour être choqué par des explications historiques. Déjà, un grincheux (un décomposé, même) avait protesté contre une explication de ce qu’était le boulangisme. Peut-être est-ce le même ? Comparer la révolution de Cromwell avec celle de 1789, cela me dépasse.

  47. joé, yo alucino cuando veo a los fornidos comunistas quitando hierro a los pactos con el PP. (he dicho quitar hierro,eh?, vamos que me he cortado).pero no creo que esto sea el comunismo del estado español, ni siquiera el comunismo del PCE.vamos, espero.mitxel

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  49. i experienced jetlag over the weekend without even flying! my girlfriend’s band played a show on vancouver island, and instead of getting a hotel, we packed up quite late (3ish), drove to the ferry terminal and waited for the first ferry (6am). we finally got in just after 9am (after loading gear), and it’s taken me until today pretty much to not be tired as hell and feel out of sync.

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  52. – YES! You are so right. Get the image right in camera. I think people often rely on “I can fix it later” but (for me, at least) the fun of photography is the composition and all of the control you have with the camera. Experiment, play, fail…editing truly is just the polish on the top.

  53. once they’ve done it the second time around is much easier and they wise up some.. i’d suspect something but with nothing to prove there’s not much to do except for the letting the sick man know he’s hurting you.. even tho it’s not physically cheating (yet) it’s emotional and his attention is diverted there, which it should be towards you.. esp in that way

  54. O curioso é o personagem Jest falar em comentários bacocos quando, sobre o post relativo ao padre Nicolau de Melo (História luso-russa), o seu comentário, bastante relevante e bem a propósito, é sobre o slogan do campo de concentração de Solovki … Tem tudo a ver! :O)

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  63. I turned 50 this year. It was bittersweet. I feel like I should have accomplished more in that time. Also, I went on a Missions/Vision trip to Northern Ireland which eventually resulted in our church giving over $10,000 to Convoy of Hope. The best part of the year was spending it with friends and family like you and Rochelle and little Madelynn!


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  69. Capitulation to aggressors? I believe that Iraq capitulated to our aggression after we invaded it. As far as learning from past mistakes is concerned, why don’t you learn from Vietnam, or any of the other guerrilla wars in history. Napolean in Spain. Rome in Germania. The United States during its own revolution. The Soviet Union in Afganistan. These types of conflicts can only be resolved through a level of barbarism which the United States is unwilling, and unable to employ. You wanna talk history. Read up on it first.

  70. Our society was based on fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are still dominant sources of energy. There are two main reasons why alternative energy sources are getting so much attention in the last few years- the fact that fossil fuels are limited resources that will eventually become depleted and also the fact that fossil fuels burning create massive damage to our environment, particularly in form of climate change.

  71. So basically Chez, when you make hilarious rude jokes about dead Brazilians and make light of the « manhole tragedy » in Midtown, you are simply just a talented writer with freedom of opinion…But when you fuck with the sacred realm of Harry Potter and it’s pathetic fanatics, you have crossed the fucking line! I am so unfriending you on WoW!!!2133111 That’ll teach your level 34 mage demon ass.(sorry but all those people ranting at you for this really pissed me off)

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